Sep 15, 2009

Mine - Part 1 of a Story

It's beautiful down there. The streets are clean and the business of my dwellers is winding down. I make a trip across the sky, with the sun frozen near a complete sunset, to watch upon my creations.

The peaceful lack of light is wonderful, but it is not too dark. I have my eye on a girl who is walking home innocently through the park. There is a spring in her every step. She has the most wonderful life in the world. Her lips form the greatest smile to herself. I look at her beautiful face and admire my creation. Her figure is absolutely perfect down to the last detail. She is only seventeen years of age but looks very mature. Her brown curly hair perfectly compliments her beautiful white skin and eyeless face. She has not a trait in her that can be turned ugly and monstrous.

I sense an odd disturbance by the trees. It is something moving hidden like a rat, and strike unexpectedly, like other. It comes out. Three tall men. Black skin. A very intimidating appearance. They focus their ugly eyeless faces on her and make a dash at her. She can't get away, but she tries. Her entire day becomes reversed. The magnitude of her happiness has now turned to fear and sadness.

The men grab her and tear through her clothes without wasting a moment. Their disgusting naked bodies hold her while she tries to break free. Two of them have her still on the ground while the third attempts to defile her immaculate body with his own putridity.

I can't have this.

I appear behind him and my mechanical hands with thin metal fingers dig into his back. My needle-tipped fingers dig through his flesh and leave him unable to fight back out of pain. My body turns black and soft like a shadow. I retain the sharpness of my talons and my teeth grow to form a deathtrap of fangs. I can fight back this time. The first I rip into pieces, his flesh evaporates off of the ground and forms sickly black clouds of impurity. The other two still do not leave. I reach my long over and grab the first and get a good grip on his shoulder. He is bleeding and I tear his arm off.

"This is mine! Mine!" I yelled. The third ran, escaping into my world, where it would multiply again.

I couldn't win again.


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