Aug 5, 2009


Click click

Click click

"What is making that sound?" 

She inquires. Unaware that no one is around. She is only 7, her awareness of what is going on isn't the highest. There lights are on in the building, but her mother hasn't come back from the meeting. Now she remembers. She is at a hospital. She has never been in a hospital before, but she still thinks that it is weird that there are no people on this floor. She has not felt the presence of humans for what seems like hours.

She knocks on the door her mom went in. She waits a moment then knocks again. She puts her ear to the door to hear what is going on inside. All she can hear is the click click coming from the opposite direction. She keeps knocking for minutes more, yet there is no response.

"Mommy..." she mutters angrily.

Click click

Click click

She is curious at the sound now and has forgotten about her mother.

Click click

She proceeds down the hallway comfortably and starts humming to herself.


The sound dies down but becomes more rapid. She is determined to find the source. She moves along the right side to each door checking. It gets louder towards the end of the hallway, but after the six doors it is revealed that it is coming from the left.

She arrives at the first door on the left but it opens before she can even knock. She looks up at the form of her mother. The mother looks down and smiles a blank smile. There is something weird with her eyes and mouth but her daughter can't quite put her finger on it.


Click click

She doesn't have to worry about getting home anymore.

The music that helped create this madness

Akira Yamaoka - True
Akira Yamaoka - Black Fairy
Nurse With Wound - Bloodclot
Traumatic Voyage - No Man's Land

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