Aug 5, 2009

So This Is Insanity...

I know how I ended up standing here, but my mind keeps insisting that it is all a dream for comforting purposes. I’m ankle-deep in water, in a dark tunnel underground filled with cells. Cells that are no longer guarded. My eyes take a moment to adjust and I can see the ripples of light across the water that go down the tunnel above the stone floor. If only the visuals could take my mind off of the sounds. The squish of intestines, the cacklings and excited whispers of those things that now inhabit this place. I take steps forward, God knows why, but I have to get near. The whispering stops. I glance a thoroughly dissected body on the ground. I look one of them in the eyes. Now it is time to hold still and wait.

The music that helped create this madness

Quo Vadis - Dream

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