Aug 22, 2009


The room was black except for light coming from a lamp. There was a scuffing on the floor like an animal at the doorway. I was standing a few paces from there waiting for what would come in. The door opened and a white light flooded the room. A figure approached me from a doorway. She opened her mouth and I heard the sound of locusts around my ears, as well as the whispers of thousands of scared children.

In a voice that rang of hostility, sadness, and impatience the words came with a demonic whirlwind to my body.

"I am standing here therefore I am real! You hear me therefore I am real! You react to me therefore I am real! Are you unable to understand that?!"

The fibers of my very existence, my very mind, were being violated by her. Her tears hit the ground and filled me with a sensation of being caught in a boiling hurricane.

I needed not to utter a word. My body grew distorted, especially my face. The jaw stretched and the eyes turned white, the mouth grew and opened revealing long needle teeth. Amidst my blind fury I felt my fists tighten and sensation went away.

The next moment there were pieces in the doorway. The light was gone except from the lamp. Flickers of the figure and the screams hit me like a skipping videotape. The sensation of needles was strong upon my lips.

Then gone.

My Musical Help

Autumn Tears - Dies Irae
Desiderii Marginis - Deadbeat II

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  1. just thought i'd let you know that i fixed the naked picture fiasco.