Sep 11, 2009

Except From One Of My Stories

All for now. Will revise and finish at a later point.

The last thud of the great demon created a great cloud of dust. Tecotl stood back as he waited for his pupil Atlanela to come out. His mind began to trail off and think about the time he had sex with her. Over time he developed a lust for her, a lust that her father Tezcatlipoca surprisingly didn't mind. He thought about her smiling at him as they met. He concentrated on her innocent fourteen-year-old smile, on her beautiful red hair on her white head devoid of any impurities.

"Look." Acacuiyatl said in his booming voice.

Tecotl caught focus again and stared into the dissipating cloud. He was so busy dumbly looking for the young girl in admiration that it took him a moment to notice that a demon larger than five tanks wasn't there.

"Um, where is the demon?"

"I ate it." Atlanela said, letting that innocent smile go on Tecotl.

Tecotl smiled to conceal his annoyance.

"Tezcatlipoca, your daughter.."

"What about her?" Tezcatlipoca's voice came booming in the mind of Tecotl.

"She is growing rather disobedient."

Tecotl stared straight ahead observantly as Atlanela stretched herself.

"This is one of the greatest things that happens in this world!" Atlanela shouted, interrupting Tecotl and Tezcatlipoca's conversation.

"What kind of moment?" Acacuiyatl asked.

"Student surpassing teacher!" She shouted, whilst changing into her succubus form.

Tecotl stood for a moment and watched as her hair turned dark, her skin paler, and her body changed to a more curvaceous and seductive form. Atlanela then knelt down on one knee and stared at the ground.

"What are you doing? The demon's dead!" Tecotl shouted at her.

Atlanela looked up, revealing her seductive succubus eyes. Eyes with long and thick dark eyelashes, and a deep shade of blue revealing her present calmness.

"Tell your daughter to stop!" Tecotl screamed in his mind to Tezcatlipoca.

"She plans to kill you. I say you do the same."


"I'm granting you unlimited use of the mirror. If you kill her it is no problem. It just means she isn't worthy of being my daughter."

Atlanela sprouted wings and a tail and then stood up, smiling to reveal her succubus fangs.

Music Played While Writing

Dead Can Dance - Song of the Nile
Drumcorps - Incarnate
Kiuas - Of Ancient Wounds
Teddy Afro - Alamin

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