Oct 15, 2009

The Mirror Well - Part I

Carol brushed her dark crimson behind her shoulder to prevent it from falling in front of her face as she peered down into the river. She was sitting on the edge of a stone bridge. The bridge was old and dirty, and no one ever came to use it. The road that once went over the bridge became shrouded by forest and vines began to grow through the bricks.

This specific moment was rather peculiar for her. The day was dark and dreary, as usual for her. The sky was grey and rain was scattering throughout every inch of the earth. Yet the spot she was sitting in was sunny. She saw the water sparkling then looked up at the sky to confirm that the sun was indeed out. Next, she rolled up the sleeve of her left arm and examined the scars on her wrist in this new light. She sighed and rolled the sleeve back down, peering off into the gray distance.

"Don't do it." Immediately the voice of Dave, her dead childhood friend came into her head. She always had been infatuated with him but never told him. Ever since he died she obsessively thought about what he would think of her actions. The obsession eventually lead to him being a voice in her head.

Her face sunk more so than before as she remembered the photo displayed on his coffin at the funeral. He was smiling, happy as ever. Positive as ever. She always envied him and wondered how he did it. He had been through much more than she had. He was part of the witness protection program, and she had never been told what he had witnessed. The times they were alone and she desperately tried to get it out of him, she was often beaten to the point of bleeding. A less frequent, but not uncommon occurrence was him vomiting uncontrollably and tearing his own skin off, usually the back of his hands. He would always scream the same unintelligible words, which always appeared to be coming from the mouth of a young child. She sighed and remembered to trust him, as she turned around and set off walking off of the bridge.

As she stared off at the endless circle of trees she felt comfortable. She rubbed the new cluster of bruises on her right shoulder that her boyfriend had given to her earlier that day. He failed another test, and he had no money to buy weed. She felt her right pocket, remembering that she had some salvia, and her pipe. She reached into left jacket pocket and removed her lighter.


Adagio - Archangels In Black (yes, the entire album)
Desiderii Marginis - Deadbeat (the entire album)

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