Oct 4, 2009


If a raven's eye caught my hand and knew
If it could know what I was about
If it could see the shadows
Would it peck the flesh off of my bones?

Is the raven's eye that of the accuser?

Then why raven do you sit so still?
Speak you vile crow!

Like a monster it steals the moonlight
Its beak forms a perfect smile of the darkest knowledge

It knows
It knows
It knows

Scream raven!
Crow at the moon and bring me the secrets!
Scream if it means me death!

Oh, but now raven I see you too
I look through your hollow bones
I see your thoughts
Those blue wisps pulsating away at the red fragments of my interruption

Your eyes that thieve the moon of its splendor
I now possess them within my veins
I have your knowledge on top of my curling tongue

Whisper raven
Whisper your secrets to me
They are not lost upon my spirit

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